Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bro? Duuuude.

Today's Failbook fail: Cheers!

Dude: i have a beer as cold as my ex girlfriend's heart
Other dude: When you get one as big as her ASS...let me know!

Then the first dude, like, high-fives his dudebro. Bros before hos, amirite?!?!?

Look, I don't know this gentleman's former ladyfriend. Perhaps she is cold-hearted. But I think there is a greater probability that he's disrespecting her because he is bitter.

And then his dudebro chimes in, "ALSO SHE WAS FAT LOLOLOLOL." This is not an insult, but these two brodudes clearly think it is.

I'm beginning to see why the two of you broke up, jackass.

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