Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fictional Fail

Today's Failbook fail: Defending Ginny's Honor.

The best thing to be said about this post is that it is not real. Obviously.

But everything else to be said about it is full of fail. At least the part with "Ron" is somewhat in character, but then it goes off the rails. "Voldemort" says something so ridiculous I'm not bothering to transcribe, but it describes Ginny's vagina as being extremely commodious, thanks to her sluttiness.

Okay, yes, I get it -- Voldemort is evil, he's just being his evil self. But it's telling that of all the ways this humor writer could think of to have Voldie insult Ginny, a remark about her sluttiness is the way he goes. (Let's get real, it's probably a he.) Ginny is the one female character in the Harry Potter series who displays sexual agency, so fuck yeah, let's make some gross jokes about her cunt! WOOOOO!!!

Next "Lucius" chimes in to agree (wha?) and Harry goes apeshit. Then, in possibly the subtlest fail of the post, he calls Voldemort a "twat."

The vagina: even when you're defending it, it's still a slur.

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