Monday, January 3, 2011


Today's Failbook fail: Gay Frape is Super Effective!

Don't click through. There's no need. The comments are actually surprisingly accepting and loving of gay people.

No, it's Failbook's choice of wording that I'm calling into serious question. Failbook has adopted the portmanteau "frape" (Facebook + rape) to mean "someone hacking into or otherwise illegitimately using another person's Facebook account" (see the Urban Dictionary definitions as well).

I have actually contacted Failbook about this, because I think it is beyond the pale. If I were to ask any decent human being, "Hey, do you think it's all right to trivialize rape by comparing it to someone hacking your Facebook account?", I feel confident they would say no. If you need Dane Cook to explain to you why this is wrong (Dane Cook! of all people!), go watch at YouTube.

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