Saturday, January 8, 2011

Treat Girls Like Human Beings

Today's Failbook fail: Treat Girls How?

Oh man. With a title like that, you know we've got a winner.

It starts when a woman, frustrated by the way she (or maybe a friend) is being treated by the men in her life, exhorts her male readers to "treat girls the way you treat your blunts and video games."

All right, so she's no Abigail Adams. But her meaning is clear: the men she knows treasure their material possessions more than their romantic partners. Perhaps it's a simple matter of how much time is spent with girlfriends vice playing video games and smoking up; perhaps there are other considerations.

Then the men she knows flock to comment, all saying variants of, "Really, you want us to treat you as disposable?"

Yes, that's clearly what she meant. Oh, wait, no it's not, and you're just proving her point. Bravo, sirs.

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