Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nothing Is "Fine" Here, Actually

Today's Failbook fail: It's Fine, She Was Wearing a Helmet.

This gem must be reproduced in its entirety:

Jackass #1 (apparently female): my boyfriend slapped a retard today! LOL
Jackass #2 (male? female?): all domestic violence should be reported. you shouldn't let him hit you again.

And then some asshole "liked" the second jackass's comment.

So Jackass #1 is proud of her boyfriend for a) being violent b) towards a disabled person. Or, if the person was actually not developmentally disabled, then she is using the word "retard" to describe someone she thinks is, well, not valuable as a person. So she's racking up two points.

And Jackass #2 is c) making light of domestic violence d) in order to call Jackass #1 a "retard." Two more points! Bravissimo!

And then, just for that extra fail to push it up to a nice handful of points, Failbook titles the post "It's Fine, She Was Wearing a Helmet." It's funny because the boyfriend did slap the original poster, and therefore she is the "retard" in question, but Failbook says it's okay!! BECAUSE SHE WAS WEARING A HELMET HA HA HA HA HA.

Hey, did you know that developmentally disabled people have feelings? I don't think the Failbook crew knows. I mean, I have to believe they don't know, because the alternative makes me want to throw myself into a ravine.

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