Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Have to Go Cry Myself to Sleep Now.

Today's Failbook fail: FAILy nd Frens.

Congratulations, Failbook. Today's fail is the first one of the 35ish I've posted that has literally made me sick to my stomach.

The whole fail -- THE WHOLE THING -- is just a photo of a fat Black woman holding the ASL "I love you" sign in front of a prison visiting room window, behind which her Black partner (boyfriend? husband?), decked out in prison orange, looks really happy to see her.

The photo, which was posted by the woman, is captioned, "tyrone gonna bail out soon baby i love you hang i there!"

That's the "fail." The "fail" is that this Black woman is audacious enough to love a Black man in prison. The "fail" is not that America has jailed so many Black men. The "fail" is not that America continues to oppress Black people, creating ghettos, economic instability, childhood malnutrition, lack of education, and through-the-roof homicide rates.

Look, I don't know what this poor guy did (if anything). But just looking at their faces, it's really hard for me to believe that the guy is, say, a murderer. (Would he be about to be let out on bail if he were? Probably not.) Nine chances out of ten, he got thrown in there for some minor drug offense. He has a partner who loves him and came to visit him in jail. She smiled as she snapped a photo of the two of them together in the only way they could be in that moment. And Failbook labeled it "fail."

I sincerely hope this couple never finds the Failbook post about them. If they do, I hope they don't scroll down to see the comments such as:
  • "jeez, just ship them back to africa for god’s sake…"
  • "Wunn munckeey enn kaje. Uthhuur owt." (Or, in actual English, "One monkey in cage. Other out.")
  • "send them to africa! they already claim it partially as their nationality. i don’t hyphenate it, i am american!"
  • "Wonder how many crotch droppings she’s toting around."
I didn't even have to scroll down that far. The comments are just radiating with racist hatred. Hence my nausea. Fuck you, Failbook.

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