Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Breakup Fail

Today's Failbook fail: Turnabout is Fair Play.

Okay, I think we need the direct quotes on this one.

Dude: "I almost had a psychic girlfriend but she left me before we met."
His ex-girlfriend: I wish I was psychic...
Dude: Me too... instead of psychotic.

And then some jackass gawks at the trainwreck.

For the record, I think for your own health, you should be required to unfriend an ex the minute you break up. I still remember the punch-in-the-gut feeling I got every time I saw photos of my first serious boyfriend with his new girl.

But in the event you don't do that, for the love of Mike, there is a minimum standard of behavior you are expected to uphold. There is a tendency among straight American men, when relationships with women fail, to label their exes "crazy bitch" or some variant thereof. Besides being disrespectful to the mentally ill, this is also delightfully sexist. What exactly is the message? "If you don't want me, you are an unacceptable excuse for a human being"? Implied, of course, are the messages that certain kinds of women and the mentally ill are not human. Of course.

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