Friday, January 14, 2011

Gay Fatherhood Fail

Today's Failbook fail: John's Going to Be a Father!

It's tough to know the circumstances of this one. Is John gay and partnered, and they're adopting a kid? Or is John straight, and his "friends" believe that the best way to insult a man is to insinuate he's gay?

In any case, there's a multitude of fail here, but the last comment really takes the failcake: "I believed you, I was just shocked it didn't say mother."

In case you're not up on the theory of homophobia, it is generally accepted by Queer Studies scholars that homophobia is born of misogyny. Men putting themselves in the "feminine" position of being the non-penetrative partner in intercourse means that men are lowering themselves to a woman's status. We see this all the time in homophobic discourse, and Colin's comment is a perfect example. Because John is gay (or, at least, that's the narrative his "friends" are going with), he is therefore a woman. And this is not a good thing.

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