Saturday, December 18, 2010

Your Spectrum of Sexuality Is a Wonderland

Today's Failbook fail: He Did. About an Hour Ago.

A man states his opinion that John Mayer has the sexiest voice ever. (I have to vehemently disagree on this, but to each their own.) A woman states her discomfort with this opinion. A man tells the original poster to inform them all when he officially comes out of the closet. Failbook asserts that, through his original post, he already has come out of the closet.

Far be it from me to destroy your quaint, adorable ideas about binary sexuality, but it doesn't work that way, dearies. For instance, I recently saw Made in Dagenham, a British movie about striking workers. There were tons of actors and actresses in it, and of all of them, you know who set my little heart aflutter? Rosamund Pike, who is, as you may have guessed, a woman. I identify as straight; I'm marrying a man in less than a year. That doesn't mean I can't think women are sexy. It just means I don't tend to have sex with women.

Similarly, you can think John Mayer has a sexy voice and be straight, gay, bi, whatever. It doesn't mean you're necessarily gay. It does mean you have pretty mediocre taste in music, but that's another issue.

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