Thursday, December 23, 2010

Well, You Look Like a Boob

Today's Failbook fail: I Actually Tried to Click This Picture.

Today, everyone, is a special day -- we've got sexism aimed at men and women both!! Bust out the party hats, because everyone's being oppressed!

Without my going through the barfy task of transcribing this tripe, let me explain. You know how spammers/hackers come up with some link that they think everyone will click, and then they get enough control over your FB account so that you spam your friends list with that link? All right, well, that's what's going on here. The spam link is about Miley Cyrus, calling her a "stupid bitch" and otherwise defaming her. Shaming famous women -- original, right?? Never mind that she's barely 18.

The comment conversation attached to this spam link is priceless. It's a man and a woman. The man says he clicked on it (thereby spreading the spam) because "it looked like a boob pic." A woman berates him, saying, "that's how hackers and spammers get you men... like titties on a hook, you're fish!"

Make no mistake, the guy in this exchange is a moron. But there are plenty of men who are not. Let's not tar all dudes with the same brush, okay?

Also, the mental image of "titties on a hook" is just too awful for words. It's like one of those serial murderers of women thought it up. Eugh.

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