Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Worst. Portmanteau. Ever.

Today's Failbook fail: Frape: The Aftermath.

A person sets the record straight about their vital statistics (e.g. religion, marital status) after his/her sister "fucked with [their] Facebook." People laugh, myself included -- that is, until I see what Failbook chose to call the post.

"Frape." It's their brilliant little portmanteau of "Facebook" and "rape." Because someone hacking your Facebook account is so similar to someone holding you down and using your body against your will. Because referring to rape so casually could never hurt rape survivors or the people who love them. And most of all, because no rapists could ever get the notion that this society doesn't actually give a flying fuck about rape, if we're willing to throw the word around so casually.

I don't get the feeling that Failbook is ever going to stop posting racist, sexist, transphobic, homophobic shit on their website. But you know, they could kick their class factor up exactly one notch if they didn't introduce rape into posts where it wasn't even mentioned by the people being quoted.

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