Monday, December 20, 2010

You Also Fail the Decency Exam

Oh my heavens, there is so much fail to choose from today. But I have to go with . . .

Today's Failbook fail: Extra Credit?

It's some douchebag's status message, that is, in its entirety: "I had to buckle in the lady who gave me my driving test because she was too fat to do it herself and she still failed me."

Let me get this straight. You can't drive well enough to meet your state's licensure criteria. But you expect to be passed, regardless of your abilities, because you had to help your examiner buckle her safety belt.

Am I missing something? Do fat people lose their right to do their job properly? Did buckling that belt cause such hardship for this d-bag that s/he could no longer summon the energy to drive to the standards of the exam? Is there any correlation at all here, or any message besides "fat people are subhuman"?

My contempt is boundless, truly.

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