Tuesday, December 21, 2010

More Like Relationship WIN

Today's Failbook fail: Man FAIL.

A woman praises her boyfriend (husband? something) to the skies for coming to her OB/GYN appointment and holding her hand the whole time. Her "friends" make comments about their own discomfort. Failbook titles it, "Man FAIL."

Unless there is a lump of steel where your heart should be, I am sure you can think of some reasons why a woman would want a loved one holding her hand while a doctor shoves mean cold duck lips up her vagina and swabs her cervix. Perhaps this woman is a victim of sexual assault. Maybe she has vaginal pain that is exacerbated by Pap smears. In any case, she hates it, but having her boyfriend there makes it less traumatizing for her.

But doing that for his girlfriend makes him not a man. Or so says Failbook. Because helping your significant other through trauma is so girly, OMG, how can you even set foot in a gyno office with all the plastic vag models and shit?!?! ARE YOU SURE YOU'RE NOT GAY NOW????

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