Monday, April 11, 2011

Her Full Name Is Little Jane Owned-By-Father

Today's Failbook fail: Her Full Name.

Some 13-year-old girl takes a Facebook quiz about what her baby will be named. (. . . Why is that even a quiz?! It's not as if a baby's name is something that just happens to it, with no input from the person who birthed it.) Her father replies that the baby would be an orphan anyway, since he would strangle his daughter for having a baby.

Charming. I mean, honestly, it comes off as slightly funny for a moment, but then you follow the thought to its logical conclusion and go, "Oh damn."

Fathers threatening their daughters with extreme consequences if they act upon their natural sexual feelings is so commonplace in America, we barely think about it. "When she turns 13, I'm gonna buy a shotgun." "No dating while she's under my roof." "Any boy she brings home, I'm gonna give him the third degree before he sets foot anywhere alone with my baby girl."

What's wrong with this? Well, it's all about men protecting the virginity of the women they own. Mothers rarely say shit like this. And parents almost never say it about their sons. What father of a boy has threatened to buy a shotgun on the kid's 13th birthday??

Here's the thing, Dads of America. Your children are going to develop into adults, and during that in-between time, adolescence? They are horny as hell, girls and boys alike. Also, they are not babies. You have to give them room to learn about their own sexuality, gradually and naturally. No, I don't think any 13-year-old should be giving birth. But the fail in today's Failbook fail is about the atmosphere that makes a comment like, "I will kill you if you get pregnant" so matter-of-fact and unquestioned.

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