Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Another Creeper Alert

Today's Failbook fail: Complicated and Imaginary.

What is it, I ask you, about the way het men relate to women that they can feel they are in a "relationship" with a woman they've never met? And by the way, this is by no means the first Failbook post of this nature -- it's one of at least several, and it's always het men talking about women. Why do they feel this is acceptable?

This isn't an empty question. It has repercussions from stuff as trivial as this Failbook post, all the way up to actions like John Hinckley's.

I suspect that when one gender is taught to view members of the other gender as objects rather than people, then this sort of behavior naturally results in a small, but not insignificant, portion of the population. Only a theory, of course.

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