Monday, April 4, 2011

Go Back To Fifth Grade Health Class

Today's Failbook fail: To Whom It May Concern.

A woman complains that her employer, a hospital, does not provide tampons for sale in the gift shop. Her boyfriend comments that she needs to stop "broadcasting her bleeding lady bits." No, seriously. Her boyfriend says that. He also says he's "grossed out."

So . . . you want to publicly pronounce that you're "grossed out" because your girlfriend is shedding her uterine lining -- which she does every month, because she is not pregnant, probably much to your relief. What if she were to proclaim that she's grossed out by your penis, which urine comes out of multiple times a day? Ew, it's like a pee factory! I don't want that thing in my mouth or my vag! Grooooooss!!

Here's the deal, buddy boy: when you have sexual relations with a person, you accept everything about that person's genitalia. If you're a het guy, this means being cool with periods and period paraphernalia. Just because it's socially acceptable to say "ew, gross" when it comes time to talk turkey about that time of the month doesn't mean your girlfriend should take that shit. I hope she drops you right quick.

Also, never fucking say "bleeding lady bits." Ever. Fucking. Again. EVER.

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