Tuesday, February 15, 2011

When Real Life Intrudes on "Humor"

Today's Failbook fail: Divorcée Frapes Are The Best Frapes.


Okay, had my small moment of pure rage, now we can move onto the rest of the fail.

A man hacks into his ex-wife's Facebook account. He does the following things as her (in chronological order):
  1. Posts a note detailing her cheating, and its alleged consequences.
  2. Posts a status saying how much more well-behaved the children are with her new boyfriend, because "they see how quick [she] was to leave [her] adoring husband" and they don't want to be "trade[d] in too."
  3. Changes her relationship status to "married."
  4. Comments on someone else's status that she feels like a "slut."
  5. Friending himself.
Then the woman regains control of her account, somehow, and posts a status calling her ex out on his actions, to which some random asshat woman responds that he just "loves his wife and kids and wants them back." Thanks, abuse-negating woman! Nice to see you've got your Patriarchy Hat on.

Let's see what we've got here: slut shaming, of course. Naturally. But what really chills my blood is the husband friending himself -- which I imagine this woman did so that he could no longer monitor her -- and changing her status to married -- which I imagine this woman changed because she left the relationship.

This guy screams "abuser" to me. And he is, clearly, emotionally abusive; just look at what he wrote when he was posting as her. But more than any other fail I've commented on thus far, I wonder if this guy abused her (and/or their kids) physically as well, if he raped her, etc.

Oh, I'm not supposed to think about the actual circumstances of this post, right? I'm just supposed to laugh at the dumb bitch whose ex hacked her account. Let's see what the Failbook commenters have to say: "Awesome. Yes, her husband hacked her FB… but she sounds like a total idiot. lol" Yes, yes, there's that sweet ambrosia of human compassion.

Wait, this just in, from another commenter:

he’s actually a huge lush. Someone on this blog let out the person’s full name and you can read the whole thing on facebook right now if you check out [redacted] on facebook.

He’s real pathetic. I feel pathetic just reading it.

Wow, so, she's not a dumb bitch? Her reasons for leaving were complicated? Her cheating was a sign of a relationship gone horribly wrong? I'm shocked, I tell you, shocked.

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