Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mostly, Just Shut Up

Today's Failbook fail: The Justin Bieber Movie Trailer.

My fail yesterday was not posting! We did have power, but the day got away from me. My apologies.

Someone mentions Justin Bieber. Some jackass makes a joke about how Bieber is closeted.

I'm so tired of this joke. It's hard for me to believe that the folks at Failbook aren't. Justin Bieber: entertainer. I can look at him and approximate his age, maybe his race; I cannot examine his innermost desires and tell what his sexuality is. Neither can you. He could be gay, straight, asexual, bisesxual, whatever, and none of those orientations would be morally different from any other. We do people a disservice when we assume we know shit about their sexuality when they haven't identified as anything, because it reinforces stereotypes and creates rampant heterosexism.

So . . . shut up.

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